License (Coming Soon!)

License (Coming Soon!) is a website specially designed to allow you and your clients to upload important documents (such as wills, medical files, deeds, and more) along with important contacts that need to be informed in the event that their status ever changes.

Law firms: No more trying to locate that executor or friends and family due to a death or incapacitation. All the necessary information will be at your finger-tips, as their adviser.

Doctors share and access medical files securely with their patient.

Better yet, your clients can give permission to others to maintain the account in their behalf - eliminating the computer-generation gap or allowing them to include their caregiver to help them maintain important information. Others still may be given viewing rights only, so they can see living wills, etc - eliminating contention within families over advanced directives.

Luckily, this site has been designed to utilize this tool for your own clients, and brand it to your company. How sweet is that?

Contact us to learn more.

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